Q-snap floor frame

The easiest way to  sandwich, baste and quilt your quilt.

Done with:

* sore knees, as a result from crawling on the floor

* an aching back, due to bending over the table too long

* the diningroom table occupied for days

* a need for adhesive tape to pull all three layers tight

* a need for glue or wooden slats

Q-snap advantages:

* the three layers always tight on top of each other

* working comfortably at table height, sitting on a chair

* being able to sandwich a quilt, however large, fast and easily

* being able to baste a quilt with multiple people at the same time

basting, tagging and pinning all possible

easy to assemble and disassemble

easy storage in the supplied box with handle

The Q-snap floor frame is the ideal tool to sandwich your quilt and can also be used as a quilting table.  In combination with the Tilt Kit, it can be tilted up to become an ergonomically correct quilting table.

Size of the table:  97 x70 x80  cm  (l x w x h)

Size of the box:    87 x 10x 27 cm

Price:            Q-snap floor frame            € 157 50

                     Tilt kit                                   €  32,50

                     Micro stitch basting gun      € 45,50

Shipping cost: Belgium, Germany, France, Finland, Luxemburg, Austria, Czech Republic and United Kingdom: € 17,00
Other European Countries: € 25,00


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